What are we?

We are a 'Meetup' conversation group by appointment only.



A group of mixed nationalities wanting to practice and improve their Spanish vocabulary - from complete beginners’ level through to intermediate and high-level speakers. 

Already proving successful due to the enthusiastic experienced teacher who helps and introduces topics and  corrects errors etc.  along with the delightful venue, Momentos Café near the Torre Del Mar seafront.  We allocate a maximum number of 8 students per group to enable the teacher to provide a personal experience for learners. 

The 'Meetup' gathers every Friday, but this may change to twice weekly to accommodate students’ needs and desires. 

Should you require any further information or assistance or would like to attend a group contact us to reserve your place.

Prices are 8€ per hour per person or you can purchase 10 hours for 75€.

Where to Find Momentos Café

Calle de Mar, Torre del Mar